Our New Blog!

Our New Blog!

Right. We now have a blog. This is a big thing for several reasons but mainly its good for the business and is a commitment by the team to keep posting! Only time will tell if this happened however we are definitely giving it a go.


I have been aware of the importance of marketing for over 15 years and how communicating your message is key. There is lots to it and as technology improves so do the challenges to keep up for a family  business.

I have been told time and time again that we should have a blog.

“There is lots we could blog about.”

“People would find it interesting.”

“It’s great for your SEO.”

“Google likes a good blog.”

I’m sure these statements are all true however  when your busy doing the doing it is hard to think of writing things for google or that dreaded term SEO. SEO is a big thing and it is what gets your website seen!

There is lots written about blogging, why it is important, how to go about it and what to write about however this is the first time I have put this all together and given it a go.

Blog aims

The purpose of our blog is to share some of our interests, knowledge and experiences with you.

We aim to cover a wide range of topics without everything being boat related. Obviously though we do love boating and I am sure they will come up from time to time but more importantly we like to make people happy. We hope that this blog will in some way improve your day.

If there is something that you would like us to blog about then please send me an email to gareth@wmbcboats.com

Time to write some blogs then!

Make sure you have a nice day.

Gareth Pugh