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London has been voted the world’s leading destination for travel and tourism. Flowing through the heart of the city, the River Thames reflects the City’s 2000 years of history, secrets, power and tradition.

From its source in the Cotswolds, the 215 mile River Thames is the longest river in England meandering through Oxford, Henley and Windsor. Be a part of its maritime life in the capital city of London and explore unparalleled views of top tourist attractions such as the Houses of Parliament, The Tate Modern, Westminster Bridge, the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral in comfort, calm and style.

No matter the type of event you want to hold some of the most unique and memorable experiences can be found upon the waterways of major cities around the world. No matter what time of year there are always amazing sights and sounds to add to the ambience created by our team so BOOK today for the perfect venue to host your event.

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